Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Solr demo is up

I have speculated a bit about repository architecture here. As part of the thinking we have put up a proof-of-concept-only portal based on Apache Solr. This uses harvesting and indexing code from the FRED project. As I write this is contains metadata for 130K AANRO records, two copies of the USQ ePrints data, UQ's espace and Monash's repository which shows up as ARROW (hi Neil D I know you're following the feed here).

For example if you click on the facet for one of the repositories then all further searches are just on that repository. Hit [clear all ] to go back to showing everything.

It took 188 seconds to slurp up the 6278 UQ metadata records via the internet.

Thanks to Oliver Lucido and David Levy for this one.

This is not a real service. It might disappear at any moment. The interface might change. It might be down for maintenance without warning and if you're reading this after the end of November 2007 it will almost certainly be gone.

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