Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Muradora out of contention for now

We've been looking at the Mura repository, which now seems to be called Muradora. We're going to stop evaluating it. Here's part of the email I sent to Chi Nguyen, the project lead:

Hi Chi,

I'm still keen to support and encourage Mura development, but we're going to have to concede defeat with our testing of Mura - it's still too raw and too hard to install. We got it running, but have been unable to test the GUI for adding items. (And the demo at your site throws errors when I try to use it to add an item). We just don't have the time to keep playing with it for AANRO. I'll be posting something to the blog soon about this.

What we will do, though, if you can help us out is report on benchmarks with large volumes of objects if you can give us a utility to import AANRO's data from raw Fedora objects with MODS datastreams this is very useful data for the whole community as well as AANRO.

We are also happy to have a quick look at any new version you bring out, as I still think you may have something by the time AANRO are starting implementation, but you'll have to move quickly.



Chi replied with an offer to test AANRO data. We'll pack it up and ship it ASAP and let you know how it all goes. Here's his reply, with permission (minus a comment about another project):

I understand your concerns. I agree our stuff is still too raw esp. the installation and general reliability. We are trying to address that. Also it's a bit unfortunate that for the last month our focus was on the access control model which is the major deliverable for us, and so we didn't have time to focus on your trial. We will get a version out by IDEA which will also serve as our launch. But I'm not sure if it fits in with your timeline. As to the benchmarks, it would be great if we can get a hold of the AANRO data to try to import it into the repository. It will be kept strictly internal to us for testing. We can then report back on how we went.

Chi mentions the IDEA conference in Brisbane, Australia, October 8-11 where they're going to launch Muradora. I'll be there.

And we will be sending through the AANRO data. We'll check back with Muradora as it matures.

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