Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Which repositories?

So far all I've let on in this blog is that we're evaluating Fedora based repository software application, but I didn't say which ones.

We're testing three.

  1. VTLS VITAL and VALET, known in Australia as the ARROW solution.

    (VALET is free software, (at least some versions of it are) while Vital is commercial software)

  2. FEZ , the free Fedora based IR solution from the University of Queensland.

    (Fez was evaluated by RUBRIC in 2005 and 2006, at which time it was not deemed suitable for production unless there was a developer available during the deployment. It is now more mature)

  3. Mura, a new Fedora front-end written by the a group at Macquarie University.

So far we have looked at the portal side of VITAL and Fez รข€“ and we'll be starting on Mura today.

Plus, any software that becomes available from NSDL or the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries. (More on what I learned from talking to technical staff at both of those institutions later).

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